Video Editing & Graphic Design Intern ( Graduates only )

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تدريب في شركة إنجاز
مدة التدريب: 3 شهور
المتطلبات:خريجيين فنون جميلة او فنون تطبيقيةاساسيات ال PHOTOSHOP – PREMIER – AFTER EFFECT
القدرة علي الحضور 5 ايام من ال 10ص الي 6م م
ن المكتب لمدة ال 3 اشهر القادمةلغة انجليزية: قوية

السن لا يزيد عن 24 سنه

التقديم بعد شرح الوظيفة


Video Editing & Graphic Design Intern ( Graduates only ) at Enjaz Digital in Heliopolis 

Internship Description

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Job Description:
We are looking for creative and ambitious fresh artists to join our  “Creative program”

The intern will learn:

  • Do you desire to start building an elite career by contributing to creative results? As part of a team-paid internship program, you will be immersed in the challenging and ever-changing world of digital marketing. You will be empowered to grow, stretch and show your skills in graphics & Editing 
    every day you’re in the office. We ask our interns to be persistent, flexible, creative, and committed to excellence

Duration: 3 months

Internship Requirements

  • Fresh Graduates from Fine arts or applied arts
  • basics of Photoshop, premier, and after effect
  • be able to attend 5 days per week from 10 to 6 in the office for the 3 months next
  • Excellent command of English
  • Self-motivated and willing to learn
  • Good communication skills
  • Age: not more than 24
  • Understanding the organizational skills

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