Transactional Accountant (Tax and Accounts Payable) at Samsung

Position Summary


He/she will be responsible for maintaining all records of vendor payments, ensure tax liabilities, and analyzing all accounts payable on a timely manner to ensure payment accuracy.


Role and Responsibilities


• Maintain precise records of all vendor payments.
• Monitor tax liabilities and ensure tax liabilities are paid on time.
• Responsible for paying and keeping record of all invoices.
• Analyze all accounts payables on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to ensure payment accuracy.
• Work collaboratively with various departments to perform accounting audits.
• Prepare and mail all required tax documents and support tax audit.
• Research and approve new vendors and create new vendor accounts.
• Prepare tax records for financial and tax audits.


Skills and Qualifications


• 2-3 years experience in Taxation and Accounts Payables.
• Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Finance from a reputable university.
• Ability to analyze information and data.
• Experience in SAP.

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