Accounts Receivable Accountant at ElEZZ Construction & Trading

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Job Description

1. Preparing a payment plan for new customers

2. Follow up on contract termination and resale

3. Review contracts with the operation

4. Meeting clients and collecting cash payments

5. Reviewing the movement of collections from customers and delivering them to the company’s treasury

6. An updated statement of the company’s project units.

7. Receiving and following up the operation requests and documents, handing them over to the financial department, and re-receiving them on time.

8. Reconciling customer accounts with the customer accountant on a regular basis, and updating customer reports

9. Review and delivery of commissions due to brokerage and sales companies, and follow up on payment with the bank accountant

10. Linking the sales departments and the financial department with regard to the requirements of each department and completing the required.

Job Requirements

1. Proven working experience as Senior Accounts Receivable Accountant in Real Estate at least 5 years is must.

2. Solid understanding of accounting principles, fair credit practices and collection regulations

3. Proven ability to calculate, post and manage accounting figures and financial records

4. Hands-on experience in operating spreadsheets and accounting software

5. Proficiency in English and in MS Office

6. Ability to frequently follow up on due collections and encourage sales reps to close due balances

7. High degree of accuracy and attention to detail

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