Customer Service Specialist at DP World

About the job

  • Providing face to face in office meeting with the customers to discuss customers claims, inquiries, requests and complaints.
  • Handle angry customers in professional way (V.I.O.) to contain the situation and lead it into cooling-down.
  • Listen to customers carefully and classify customers objectives in order to assign the suitable prompt action.
  • Form solid link between external customers and internal customers in order to clarify and solve any situation.
  • Use TOS applications to provide customers with accurate up to date info.
  • Filing required interactions submitted by our customers through CRM platform addressing concerned dept.
  • Initiate and handle VGM accounts in coordination with our IT team, informing the customers with the needed requirements and verify their data.
  • Provide constant help regarding VGM possible challenges.
  • Acting as MTS customer service & help desk at Sokhna branch.
  • Coordinate with Customs authorities in order to recognize and adhere to Customs needs and requirements.


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