Junior Lawyer at Arabian Vision

Job Description

•  Studying the corporate legal problems referred to him / her in accordance with the legal department rules and regulations.

•   Draft and/or review legal letters, contracts, and agreements and monitor legal obligations under agreements to ensure compliance, as requested.

•  Following the legal proceedings filed by the company or against it and make sure to take appropriate legal procedures to preserve the rights of the company and achieve its objectives.

Review the drafting of contracts and agreements concluded between the company and others to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and decisions in force to ensure the rights of the company before signing from the departments concerned.

•   Take legal action relating to the collection of the company’s receivables with third parties.

•  Revises various types of agreements and terms and conditions for different transactions including but not limited to management agreements, lease agreements, sale and purchase agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, partnership agreements, legal settlement agreements, and service agreements.

•   Representing companies in front of all government agencies and taking the necessary measures for companies to comply with the latest applicable legislation, laws and decisions.

•  Organize and Update Legal documents

•    Drafting, Reviewing and Editing contracts and agreements (complex commercial agreements, government and sales contracts and tender documents, Rents. etc.).

Job Requirements

•   Bachelor of Law English section is a must; higher degree is preferably.

•   3+ year of experience in similar position preferably in the same business field.

•    Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing.

•   Member of the Egyptian Bar Association.

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