Large Corporate Credit Analyst at EG Bank

Carries out comprehensive financial and nonfinancial analysis, as part of a complete credit analysis report, on new credit requests and renewal of existing ones.
Prepares financial models and their assumptions, crosschecks information provided by clients with information obtained via research/market sources and performs a detailed risk and mitigation analysis to ensure that all key risks are identified and addressed.
Arranges -in collaboration with the team- visits to the companys premise to practically asses the companys operation cycles, assets, production process, inventory storage procedures, to be able to present a coherent in depth analysis of the account to the approving body.
Prepares credit applications including: purpose of the facilities offered, appraisal of customers management, financial statements analysis (Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement spread form), risks and mitigants, clients banking relationship as well as history of the client & business.
Oversees the preparation of contractual agreements/support documentation with internal legal department, external lawyers, outside consultants (insurance/engineers).
Monitors all accounts on a daily basis through issued customers position/balances.
Monitors issuing of daily/monthly/quarterly reports -as required- from the Corporate Service Analyst and suggest action if necessary.
Prepares daily, monthly, weekly reports comprising but not limited to CBE reports, Pipeline Report, expected bookings and Payoffs report, etc.
Ensure full compliance and adherence to policies, procedures, regulatory/internal regulations, related to any transactions executed.


Minimum Education

Bachelor Degree in Finance Accounting – Economics- Banking or equivalent.

Credit Course is necessary.


Fluent English – Fluent Arabic (Written – Spoken)

Required Experience

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1 – 3 years of relevant work experience in Banking.

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