Marketing Manager Vacancy – Qara Company

نبذة عن الشركة

Qara is an Egypt-based supply chain company featuring a disruptive digital ecosystem that enables producers to authenticate, trace, connect, promote, and sell directly to business users.

Qara’s ambition is to become the multi-sector business-to-business marketplace for commodities and commoditized goods and the standard product authentication and traceability platform for end consumers in Africa and the Middle East.

تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • We are looking highly ambitious, digitally savvy marketing manager with experience in
    designing and delivering complex integrated marketing campaigns for internal and External, online and offline marketing communications.

    The candidate should have extensive experience in ATL, BTL, TTL, internal and external brand communication, events, and advertising. you should be accustomed to delivering in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, and have experience in leading strong
    marketing teams and programs.

    Job Responsibilities:
    ● Create, recommend, and implement marketing programs and campaigns for services of
    the organization.
    ● Develop the marketing strategy for the company in line with the company’s sales strategic
    plan and objectives.
    ● Assist in developing market research studies and analyzing their findings.
    ● Communicates with all supporting departments (supply chain, customer service, marketing, technical support) to resolve any problems/issues that may compromise performance.
    ● Prepare the annual marketing plan in collaboration with the CEO.
    ● Planning and implementing promotional campaigns and measuring results.
    ● Organize and manage market data and intelligence and identify opportunities to improve
    brand performance
    ● Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity
    ● Monitor and ensure the effectiveness of marketing communications, both internally and
    ● Ensure all company sales points and dealers implement the marketing strategy or plan.
    ● Developing marketing strategies for new services
    ● Organizing promotional events and coordinating day-of deliveries and staffing
    ● Leading and training a team of Marketing Associates
    ● Reviewing current marketing campaigns for weaknesses and developing solutions within
    budget constraints
    ● Analyzing all digital Asset’s click-to-purchase conversion rates and the effectiveness of
    promotions to determine what drives sales
    ● Identifying potential new markets and creating a plan to enter the market
    ● Partnering with product development and buying teams to estimate product demand
    ● Brainstorming fresh advertising ideas with senior management
    ● Monitor and Maintain all our digital marketing

مميزات العمل

  • نحن نقدم مرتبات و مكافآت مجزية
  • نحن نقدم فرص التعلم والتطوير
  • لدينا ثقافة فريدة وهي تحويل شغف الناس الى عمل
  • نحافظ على النمو الوظيفي معًا سنخرج الأفضل في أنفسنا وشركتنا.
  • نعتقد أن النجاح بدون النزاهة هو فشل.

مراحل التعيين

  • التقديم على الوظيفة من خلال الموقع الرسمي او عن طريق البريد الالكتروني لموظف الموارد البشرية
  • اجتياز امتحان تحديد المستوى (اختبارات اللغة الانجليزية – اختبارات الذكاء – اختبارات فنية) – ان وجد
  • مقابلة شخصية مع موظف الموارد البشرية
  • المقابلة الفنية مع موظف الادارة المتخصصة
  • العرض التوظيفي وقبول العرض

الوظائف المتاحة

للتقديم على وظائف شركة العربي مصر  يرجى عمل ملف شخصي والتقديم من خلال موقع الشركة الرسمي بالضغط على الرابط التالي

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