Online Trading Officer at EFG Hermes



Act as focal contact point between clients and different functions within the brokerage

department, and provide clients with assistance and information over the phone.


1.Support Call Center and Customer Relations queues in the following

a. Place buy and sell orders in Egypt and UAE markets through Brokermind.

b. Price inquires.

c. New accounts opening and required documents.

d. Cash, FX and bookkeeping requests.

e. Inform clients of tender offers, IPOs, capital increase and unified code expiration.

2. Fulfil clients inquiries regarding market updates by reading the fundamental and technical analysis reports and keeping up-to-date with markets news on a daily basis.

3. Handle clients inquires/issues regarding the online trading system (username and password creation, login issues, trade, edit orders, check portfolio, review technical analysis and market news, application download).

4. Perform new clients engagement calls (explain different products and services).

5. Ensure that all e-mails and clients request are handled in a timely manner.

6. Handle clients inquires about/issues with the ATMs (card activation, pin reset, deposits and withdrawals).

7. Troubleshoot and resolve clients problems, issues and complaints on the system, and identify rejected orders errors for clients. Escalate any other complaints to the Compliance department for further action.

8. Stay up-to-date with EFSA and Corporate Actions rules and regulations.

9. Ensure compliance with all applicable AML/CTF rules and regulations as required in the conduct of your role.

10. Ensure timely completion of all relevant AML/CTF training provided by the Group.

11. Ensure response to AML, CTF & sanctions inquiries in a timely manner.

Job Requirements


1. Bachelors degree in any discipline.

2. 0 – 2 years experience in a similar field.

3. Very good command of Arabic and English.

4. Good Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel and Power point).

5. Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and listening).

6. Able to build partnerships and work well in teams.

7. Can identify problems and refer/escalate complex issues to a higher level.

8. Ensure deliverable are always of a high quality.

9. Able to work under pressure.

10. Multi-tasker.

11. Account Officer License from EFSA.

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