Quality assurance specialist

Looking for hiring for ChicHomZ company:

Quality assurance specialist:

●Job Responsibilities:

• Monitor inbound and outbound calls and evaluate agent’s performance concerning the quality of service offered through all channels.

• Provide clear insight into performance drivers and the levers that impact performance.

• Perform mystery calls to ensure accurate and consistent information delivery to the customers.

• Manage auditing reports for Customer Care activities & and transactions.

• Give recommendations for process improvements based on the customer experience and feedback.

• Design quality rules and guidelines to achieve the highest performances with team managers.

• Hold calibrations and meetings with managerial and non-managerial level teams to find common grounds and sustain system stability.

• Conduct presentation and business simulation with new hires

• Compile and track performance for teams and individual levels.

●Job Requirements:
• Males & Females
• Graduates
• Excellent communication skills.
• Excellent in using Microsoft office programs.
• Coaching and leadership skills
• Previous experience of 3 years in the same field and job title is a must.

Location: Maadi.

Who’s interested kindly send me your updated resume to [email protected] with mentioning the job title in the subject line.